GameFeature, das Magazin LEVEL 154 - E3 Special

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Sie ist einfach die Kult-Messe für Gamer: Die E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles zieht jährlich zahlreiche Menschen an und die Entwickler präsentieren die kommenden Computer- und Videospielhighlights. Grund genug für unsere Redakteure Antje, Hannah, Marvin, Frank und Sebastian ausgiebig über die großen Pressekonferenzen zu diskutieren. Die Spiele listen wir euch hier gerne noch einmal auf:

Bethesda: Fallout 4, DOOM, Dishonored 2, Dishonored Definitive Edition, Battlecry, Elder Scrolls Legends, Elder Scrolls Online, Fallout Shelter

Microsoft: Halo 5 Guardians, Recore, Abwärtskompartibilität/Controller, Fallout 4, EA Access, Plants vs. Zombies GW 2, Forza 6, DarkSouls 3, The Division
Rainbow Six Siege, Gigantic, Tacoma, Ashen, Beyond Eyes, Cuphead, Ion, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Rare Replay Collection, Sea of Thieves, Fable Legends, Hololense, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Gears 4

EA: Mass Effect Andromeda, Need for Speed, StarWars the Old Republic, StarWars Battlefront, Unravel, Plants vs. Zombies, div. Sport Spiele, StarWars Galaxy of Heroes, Mirrors Edge Catalyst

Ubisoft: South Park The Fractured But Whole, For Honor, The Crew Wild Run, Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max, The Division, Anno 2205, Just Dance '16 / Just Dance Unlimited, Rainbow Six Siege, Trackmania TM Turbo, Assassins Creed: Syndicate, Ghost Recon Wildland

Sony: Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian, Hitman, Streetfighter 5 Rise Up, No Mans Sky, Dreams, Firewatch, Destiny The Taken King, Assassin´s Creed: Syndicate, World of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 7 - Remake, Ronin/Eitr/Mother Russia bleeds/crossing souls, Shenmue 3, Batman Arkham Knight Scarecrow Nightmare, Morpheus, Rigs, COD Black Ops 3, Disneys Infinity 3.0, StarWars Battlefront, Uncharted 4

Nintendo: Starfox Zero, Skylanders Superchargers, Zelda Triforce Heroes, Hyrule Warriors Legends, Metroid Federation Force, Fire Emblem Fates, Genei Ibun Roku FE, Animal Crossing Happy Home, Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival, Yokai Watch, Mario & Luigi - Paper Jam, Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, Mario Maker

Square Enix: Just Cause 3, NieR 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Lara Croft Go, Final Fantasy 7, Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi, Kindgom Hearts 3, Hitman, Star Ocean Integrety & Faithlessness, Deus Ex Mankind Devided, Final Fantasy Portal App, Project Setsuna